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Seasons of a Therapist: Path to Licensure (Part One) The Trainee Path

November 30, 2022 Jen Hyatt & Alyx Duckering Season 1 Episode 6
Therapists Off Script
Seasons of a Therapist: Path to Licensure (Part One) The Trainee Path
Show Notes

Join Jen and Alyx as we discuss Seasons of a Therapist: Path to Licensure (Part One) 


·      Importance of connection and network of support along your path to licensure

·      Learning from others who have traveled the path without a time machine

·      Hearing a former trainees experience 

·      When practicum starts in grad school

·      When you begin seeing “real clients”

·      The first client session

·      When the imposter syndrome shows up

·      Normalizing first time jitters

·      Choosing your grad school program and trainee site

·      Importance of mentors and paying it forward

·      Acclimating to being a therapist

·      Honing the inherit natural abilities as a therapist

·      Abundance Mindset versus Scarcity Mindset

·      Interconnected mental health field and individual provider’s web

·      Know your why’s (values-based) of being a supervisor

·      Seasons of a Therapist

·      Growth Mindset

·      Throwback to Mt. Everest (episode one)

·      Learn everyday

·      Paperwork/ documentation as a supervisee

·      Importance of getting your hours (and other docs) signed as you travel the path

·      Minimum and Maximum Trainee hours one may earn while in grad school

·      Important questions to ask when selecting trainee site

·      Direct and Indirect Hours

·      Career Fair

·      Interviewing for your Trainee Site (plan ahead)

·      Earning supervision hours while in grad school

·      90-Day Rule 

·      Trainees may only work in exempt sites (associates may work in private practice and / or corporations (only with first registration number up to 6 years)

·      Unit ratios overview within individual, triadic, and group supervision

·      Supervision ratios to be able to count experience for any given week

·      Do not be afraid to ask questions

·      Constructive feedback versus damaging feedback

·      Taken advantage of learning and growth opportunities

·      Juggling multiple supervisors

·      Leveling up as a supervisee

·      Regardless of where you are on the path—never stop asking questions

·      When you stop learning, you stop growing

·      Shout Out to Powerful Supervisors


“On Being a Therapist” by Kottler (affiliate link)

Track Your Hours

CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)

Dr. Ben Caldwell

Master Checklist for MFT Licensure

BBS Forms and Publications

Music by Thunderbird Ooyy via Epidemic
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