Therapists Off Script

Untangling from the Red Tape of Rust Out to Burn Out (Part Two)

November 21, 2022 Jen Hyatt & Alyx Duckering Season 1 Episode 5
Therapists Off Script
Untangling from the Red Tape of Rust Out to Burn Out (Part Two)
Show Notes

Untangling from the Red Tape of Rust Out to Burn Out

  • Preventions and Antidotes 
  • Burn Out Settings
  • Hating on Humanity 
  • Stuckedness 
  • Keeping the Love for Humanity through Licensure and Beyond
  • Contributors to Burn Out: Lowest Experienced Therapists with Highest Need Populations, High Commitment for 3,000 hours path (with low to no pay), Barriers, High Documentation Demands, Caseload Overload, High Expectations, Productivity Standards, Contagious with Desensitized Supervisors, Traps on the Path to Licensure
  • Symptom Domains: Physical, Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental
  • Antidotes: Burn Out prevention impact us and lots of ways we can prevent 
  • Catch the signs early 
  • Self-Denial as a symptom 
  • Importance of Self-Care
  • Pace your hours with what works best for you 
  • Spreading awareness 
  • Tending to Our Needs
  • Re-aligning Our Goals and Expectations for Self
  • Evaluate and Prioritize Weekly Schedule and Reduce/ Eliminate Demands, as Needed to Re-Align 
  • Know Yourself and What Works for You 
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries and Setting Margins in Life
  • Zombie Brain = Too Many Demands and Work/ Life Balance
  • Know Your Burn Out Indicators
  • Deciding How Many Clients in a Day Works for You as a Therapist
  • Associate Churn Mills
  • Reseting Mental Health Field Demands Together
  • Systems of Brokenness 
  •  Standing for Our Needs--Enough is Enough
  • Therapists Are Human Too with our own Needs and Limits
  • Combat People Pleasing Tendencies 
  • Therapist as Helpers (Enneagram 2)
  • Power of No's and Yes's
  • Staying Well on this Path to Licensure for Self and Clients
  • Importance of Personal Therapy for Setting Margins in Life 
  • Scheduling Self-Care (including meals and breaks)
  • Setting your daily and weekly schedule for what works for you
  • Separate Work and Personal Phone 
  • Access to Therapist in Off Hours 
  • Importance of Powering Off
  • Equipping Clients for Crisis When Therapist is not accessible
  • Colleague Access when Therapist is Away on Vacation
  • Eat-Move-Sleep-Connect (Alyx and Jen Perspectives)
  • Fueling your Body
  • Moving Your Body
  • Quality Sleep
  • Connect with Self and Others
  • Being versus Doing Modes
  • Pouring into Hobbies and Interests
  • Creativity Alive = Well-Being
  • Personal and Professional Life Balance
  • Building of Personal and Professional Support Systems
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Identify Barriers Ahead and Develop a Plan of Response
  • Therapist for Therapists Collective
  • Importance of Networking
  • Importance of positive support
  • Pay it Forward within Support
  • Spread the Goodness 
  • Power Off (Checking Email on Computer--Keep it off your Phone)
  • Boundaries with Checking Emails in Pre-Determined Times
  • Push Back on Hustle Culture- Stop Glorification of Busy- Worth not Measured by Your Productivity
  • Ask What is Mine to Hold
  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Scheduling within Peaks and Valleys of Time/ Energy 
  • Prioritize No and Yes's
  • Leaving Work on Time
  • Finishing Notes 
  • Scheduling Buffers 
  • Healthy versus Rigid Boundaries 
  • Sacrificing values, time, health and overall well-being
  • Colleague Check Ins and Consult Groups
  • Empathy is a Super Power or Our Kryptonite  

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